Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr. Doctor Man

So one day I meet this really cute guy
Young hot and he was introduced as a doctor
Doctor Emma to be more exact

We were soon galloping off all over the place. Together
It was cool. I was on top of the world
Who wouldn’t; he was hot young and a DOCTOR (I think that’s wat excited me most about the whole thing)

But then every time I asked him for some ‘doctorly’ information
He refused to answer referring me to someone else
Apparently ethics and crap like that
Didn’t care much to question deeper into that

Then this one time we were to hook up and he couldn’t make it
So I go to surprise him at work
And there I was asking for a Dr. Emma that no one seemed to know
then I remember this picture of us i carry around
And when I pull it out everyone seems to recognize him
I’m referred to the nurses’ section
“Oh well, he is just hanging there. Probably looking for some nurse,’ I thought

Dr Emma wasn’t in the nurses’ section actually
But they did know the guy in the picture and he was actually a nurse not a doctor

What? My Dr. Emma was actually a nurse? No way, they were all lying They were jealous or something. But who was I kidding; Of course he was a nurse or he wouldn’t have been so illusive.

I thought I would try dating the nurse and not the doctor
I mean what kind of person/ girl did it make me if I chucked someone b’se of their job? And they were not even cobblers or barbers.
But whenever I sat across from him all I could see was that little nurses’ hat perched up on his head! I doubt he was even one of those nurses that are allowed to inject; I’l bet he only passes on medicine!
I erased his number and when I pick a call and it is him I hang up.

Can you blame me?

p.s: totally not my story thank you very much. Just re-telling a friend’s story.

oh, and i miss u all. my life is kind of a whirlwind now but it will be worthwhile. u'l see. i do passby tho. love you all. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (share. equally)


petesmama said...

You don't dump him for being a nurse. You dump him for lying about it and not being proud of his profession. That is the kind of person who will lie about you if he is ashamed of you.

jny23 said...

hahahaha. "I imagine him with a nurse's cap on his head." Too funny.
Yu been away too long. How are yu doing?

nevender said...

I did ...not read yet. Just good to see you again on blogspehere.

Robyn said...

nursing is one of the most highly paid proffessions where i stay n Europe.
Dr Emma or Nurse Emma is alright with me.

the antipop said...

Mama Pete makes sense. You dump his arse for lying! I hate petty liars!

Chanel said...

Mama Pete said it all. Anything that follows will sound, well, just

Ugandan girl said...

lol...this is funny...

I speak for myself not everyone..i have missed back soon

Anonymous said...


Bambi poor guy......"ur friend" must ve been disappointed. But again he's in the medical field yes/no?

lulu said...

eeeeh, yup petesmama is right dump him for lying

SilverBow said...

hey, u all being too kind.jny its not funny...he lied. intentionally.

anyway, save for reading it here, i dont even remember his name.

i'm sorry i have been away. when i come back it will be with a vegence. i promise. love u all. chao.

eddslove; nice to see u. in a special way man(wink wink)