Thursday, October 23, 2008

i have a plan

when i am not talking verbally
i am still talking;
with and to my brain

i guess its what u call thinking in your dialect.

for all the silent talk i do with my brain however
i find i have never really come up with any brilliant ideas!

and i have come to suspect it could be because
all i do with my brain is reminisce;
about the nonsense i have verbally discussed already
laughed at or gotten pissed off about
and crap like that

so i figured that if i could empty this nut of all this nonsense
there would probably be room for new,
and hopefully brilliant ideas.

so here is the deal;
i will do all this non-verbal talk here
with my fingers against the keyboard
and hopefully, i wont have to rethink what i have already typed!
Brilliant(already) huh, what do u think?

so anyway
whenever we meet here
it will be because I'm either
awfully pissed, overjoyed or flat out bored
it will be that you are sharing in my non verbal conversation
and I'm emptying my nonsense into your head
to create room for brilliancy in mine.

I cant wait.

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