Monday, October 27, 2008

Damned toilet cleaner

'Good beginnings guarantee higher chances for good endings'
that is what i believe
At least as far as the weeks are concerned

Normally therefore
I literally waltz into the new week
Grinning from ear to ear whether i feel like it or not
Stacked high with enough gusto to take me through the week

It’s not every Monday however that first thing in the morning I get my Jeans smeared in sludge on my way to work
Or that the stupid taxi driver sees it fit to drop me off
A zillion miles away from the park where i need to catch my next taxi
Knowing well that I can’t take a boda boda because of the mud.
Or that I walk in to do a story I was assigned at the last moment
By force
With a break neck deadline to go with it

Let’s just say
I got in here before 8am today and the only person
I have genuinely smiled at is the toilet cleaner

Because I hit her with the toilet door

What the hell was she doing behind the door anyway?
Can’t she find a way of cleaning behind it without being behind it?

(seething with fury, baring my teeth and claws. stay away)

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