Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In 1994
In one of the 'cream' boys' schools in this country
through which a good number of the men that rule this land have come;
A group of young men
stood in a line in the bathroom
most evenings after classes
with all they have in them drawn.

They were in a competition
There was no trophy to take home
but still it mattered to win
Reputation's sake i guess.

I imagine
each of them standing head thrown back
gadget in hand
neck, arm and thigh muscles sticking out
and probably gleaming with sweat for those
who had prepared for the competition,
breath held, eyes closed in concetration
Waiting for the start whistle to go off.

And each putting their best skills to work
to be the one that cums first.
They were in a wanking competition.

I know some of these men today
You do too. You just cant imagine them at it


the antipop said...

i demand that you reveal the names of these people this instant! who does this sort of thing? and how come it has never come up in any of our conversations? i want an explanation

SilverBow said...

antipop, wasn't your president in a single boys' school for his secondary education? uuuuhhhhhmmmmm

jny23ug said...

I also know another school where such competitions where held.
The so called Kabaka's college.....