Friday, November 28, 2008


Hiii all,
I’m that stranger that appeared from nowhere at the last BHH. That skinny thingy with a small cute head? A ka-female-ish? Yah, that’s me. I have no idea what we were supposed to be doing at BHH, or if there’s anything specific we were supposed to be doing anyway other than supporting the Mountain Dew cause, but I was there and I was observing; first the guys, then the girls, then the guys.

So, there’s these two things that have been bothering me, more like I have been wondering about them really, and mostly because they are likely to affect my way of life;

This whole thing about all the females (girls, women etc), at Blogville looking like they each walked straight off a Cosmo issue; I’m supposed to believe it is all coincidence, right? Or is there some vetoing process I’m yet to be subjected to before I can officially reside in this ville?
Someone better tell me soon enough so I can start to work towards that interview because I most definitely have a long walk ahead.

Then, Blogville is Hook-up Ville, right?
So where does that leave me, the new comer? Are there any new single males ( males alone) joining the club or do I have to seduce someone off someone else to belong?
I would need to start fundraising for apparatus for the latter purpose.
I need answers. I feel like I am about to have a personality transplant for joining the Ville so you guys at the least owe me prior warning.


Tandra said...

im soo amused, u have no idea!

Glad u got to go to BHH... would have loved to be there.

As per the hook up.. sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt... thats all im saying...

welcome...welcome to the madness

Emi's said...

I am amused too...Good luck with the male thing.

What's with the mountain dew promo?

the antipop said...

gwe, did u not see me there? i am the one that looked like i had stepped out of the onion. And no. i was not naked!

Princess said...

Hi! Welcome to blogville! :)
Will be back!

SilverBow said...

@Tandra;thanks. if its madness here i wont have a problem fitting in.
@Emi; you would need to ask Chanel about the M.Dew thing as she gulped them down like she was being paid to promote the damned drink with a bad long name.
@Antipop; under which table were u hiding?u cd have been alot of consolation to me.
@Princess;, wen do i get invited to your blog too? or am i not going to be invited? come on...
nice meeting all of you guys. i'm going to enjoy the Ville, i can already feel it in my bones

Princess said...

My blog's open to everyone. Lol.
[The main one, anywho i.e. seamless]
*You's welcome! :)