Thursday, November 27, 2008

a tale of three friends

Friend A (on the left);
1. A small man, much smaller in real life than i can
illustrate in a picture.
2. attracted to B

Friend B (on the right above);
1. Hot
2. unavailable

Not to worry though because;
1.B had another friend, C, who;
2. was available
3. B was sure would be interested in meeting A.
B would be sure to bring C along the next time, so they could hook up with A.
And she did bring her along.

A however took one look at C and took off without even saying hullo.

Ladies and gentlemen, Friend C (in black below) who was supposed to hook up with A above;

ok seriously, how 'hot' do you think B's brains are? or not hot.

PS: I swear this is no work of fiction.


Dennis D. Muhumuza said...

i had a good laugh, a really good laugh that has lightened my evening. maybe i should be coming here regularly

Emi's said...

lol....I have no help on this one

solomon said...

So this is where you be hanging out?

'twas a pleasure meeting you at BHH yesterday, ma'am.

Will add this to Node Six BlogSpirit in due course.


the antipop said...

but oba me i was confused. My brain is like really little, so i could not keep up with the alphabet. I want names!

SilverBow said...

@Antipop, remember that thing that happened to the curious cat? yah? just always keep it in mind.

Those pictures are not blurred by mistake.

@solomon:yap, this is where i be. sometimes.
Was nice meeting you too. had a fabulous time; i suspect it was alot to do with who was sitting to my immediate right and less with the idiot to my immediate left.

@Dennis and Emi, thanks for passing by. i'm checking u guys out too.