Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Recently, a civilised man, one of the brainest men i know at my workplace,followed me to the loos and tried to kiss me by force (i dont know what else he intended to do -dont ask me). i dont know what to say or feel about the whole thing, except....from the office loos? couldnt the moron at least have followed me to a more pleasant place!?didnt he figure a more suitable ambiance would at least have helped his cause better? Damn wonder he failed.

so anyway, in an effort to get my mind off of the disappointing cheap jerk/rapist wannabe, i checked out what the cameramen at Uganda's leading vernacular newspaper (the one with the briefest catchiest headlines in the whole world,(yes, Bukedde)), see at the gatherings where the rest of us are focused on the speeches, performances or whatever else it is the organisers intend for us to focus on;

at political events

So of all the activity that was happening at Kololo on Uganda's NRM Liberation day , this is what this photographer saw....okay anyway, it is one of the published great pictures of the day.
anyway, at what point do you think she begun to feel the wind blow directly to her insides? poor woman.
caption: a woman guard who matched her trousers to nothingness at the thighs.

at the social events
where by the way the organisers put alot of effort into what is to be presented on the stages

is it that this girl was maybe standing on the photographer's shoulders.....or was it the photographer crouching in below her skirt to get a 'good' shot?/"?
caption: a girl who 'splashed' at the kivulu,(jny, wats kivulu in english???)

at social event II

eh, what's this man doing to the poor woman.... do you figure it is some tribal ritual maybe?
caption : these were at the King's palace for Nkuuka(is there an english word for nkuuka , Yereki do you know???)


The Emrys said...

bukedde stockings!!!!!!! i love bukedde for their headlines, one worded and catchy....AFUDDE!!...BAMUSSE

always get me

Robyn said...

he must have watched a tutorial on french kissin problem is the big chic had no idea he would bring it on that way.

SilverBow said...

hi emrys.robyn.only here to book Nevender sockies...oh crap, emrys u gotta share-i promised him i wd-.....who lost his way here.chao

Emi's said...


Kissing in the loos, maybe if it's clean

That chic was trying the president

nevender said...


SilverBow said...

Emi's, the guard you mean? hahahaha.

Nevender; which part of this blogpost did you concetrate your attention on?