Thursday, September 3, 2009

eating the damn meat. uurrrgggghhhh...

I keep getting asked why I don’t eat meat and I’v now run out of seemingly sensible excuses, so I thought I should publish the truth for all to see. that way, (publishing it) I get to only say it once. In case I should end up on a date with either of u bloggers. And you fail the ultimate test; Asking me why I don’t want to eat meat that is.

Just so we’r all clear therefore;
I hate and avoid eating meat because normally there’s more meat left lodged between my teeth than reaches my stomach. And I’m sure it should be the other way round. So if meat don’t want to do wat’s expected of it when it is eaten, I aint eating it either. Period.
Oh, and the task of removing that meat from my teeth! Gosh- it’s so not worth it.

That out of the way, how have u all been? I must be the least favorite blogger in everyone’s books and I don’t blame u; I wouldn’t fancy lazy me either. What have I been up to? Booze binges where I come out sober every damn time (too broke to afford getting drunk). And well, I guess it is the activity to meet bloggers at. Rhino, and SleeknWild! Sparta! And normzo! Heck, I bet I’l soon meet Emi’s too!

And I don’t know why I haven’t met Mudamuli. And Casorzy (save for the fact that I haven’t gone drinking at his house I guess) and many more.

And everytime I meet a blogger I’m blown off my feet in some direction; shock, surprise, total confusion… but never ‘ok, so like what I expected.’ People are good at covering up I tell u! ah ah, bloggers should have running videos of their lives playing alongside their blogs walayi.

i'm so tempted to write something about my first encounters and impressions vis-avis what i expected whenever i meet one but i doubt i have met enough yet.

Haven’t met any that picked my pocket or tapped my behind though, so its all still good and safe. Its been real good actually. But maybe not so fast, there’s still people I need to meet, So now I need to know; where do the following go to drink, (or go for prayers):
Samali Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita
Carsozy's Box

Etc etc
Okay, and many others. These above, come with yo fellow blogger friends
Y’all register here, i need to meet you.



Safyre said...

Come next BHH, you won't be disappointed. (Or so it would seem)

lulu said...

how was bbh

lulu said...

you went for bbh i mean>?

petesmama said...

My parents want to abandon meat for exactly the same reason. Eat minced meat.

Good luck.

Heaven! said...

harr harr...mbu too broke to get drunk!

nkutwale ko outu?

Mudamuli said...! It is not common for me to find my name mentioned in a post. You can imagine my suprise when I saw my name mentioned twice.

It's been years since I last went to church. Used to go to KPC North before it became Watoto.

Then I don't go out. My life is between office and home. That is why you will not see me anywhere else.

Indeed, I know what you mean. At least I've met Carsozy and Sibo. I met Darlkom, Carlo, Comrade and Ivan once at the BHH and they were as cool as I imagined them to be.

Mudamuli said...


Tamzel said...

I hate meat for the same reason too.

Ugandan girl said...

meet am so wat you expect....ehhh no different wats so ever...ask anyone...?

Beloved said...

I knew it. You pretend mbu we have never met? Kale Silver...

normzo said...

and your not even vegetarian- its so painfull, when you want to eat that meat, and yet some stupid teeth cant allow you to eat the meat- I would like to feel your pain, but then i cant-

I love my meat, teeth or no teeth..

mbu booze binges where i come out sober-maybe u need some 'k'.

Sleek said...

normzo, k causes slow grim death...i shd also write about our odd encounter

SilverBow said...

gwe sleek, dont even think about it. it embarrases me and i have begged and begged our peg to allow me another 'initial' well planned encounter naye wa; i'm still begging.thnk u can go back to that point where we have not met yet? pse..........