Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Having spent a whole six years of secondary school education in a muslim school, living among the Holy people of Mohammed, i didnt need to read this story to know how many astagafurahis must have flown in the air the moment the forbidden creature appeared in their midst.
In their HOLY Place!????!!!! Man. That pig wasnt serious!

And God forbid if the chaser was stupid enough to follow the creature into the Mosque.

I can't read this story; i cant take the misery of a man loosing his 'things' unwillingly.

Anyone have enough guts to read it?

What happened?

Extract from The New Vision, saturday 30th (or 31st November 2008, kampala-uganda


solomon said...

He only got 60 kibokos.


How dissappointing...

Solomon King -

the antipop said...

the man left the place aka mosque limping but decided to continue slaughtering pigs for his customers.

eh, but what kind of twisted fate is that? of all places the pig could have run into?

jny23ug said...

very funny. The whole congregation(if thats what they call tha gathering in the mosque)must have passed out.

Emi's said...

It's rather very amusing. tho the pig died, it had the last laugh and the man can't properly sit down to enjoy it. No he was not castrated but instead given kiboko's by the whole congregation