Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"i'm in a hole today....

...and one (the hole) too small to accommodate me
yet i want to curl myself up, until i can all disappear into it"
That's the best way i can explain how i'm feeling like today, although on the outside i seem completely normal; just a bit subdued.

When i mentioned it to my neighbour at work just now, he looked at me like i had taken my clothes off right there in the newsroom with everyone present, then asked,
"have you taken your medication today".
stupid neighbour. At least he made me smile.

So anyway, since the xmas spirit continues to elude me
i have skipped to next year, and I'm right now at that point where you lay down what you want to achieve next year. i don't do that, i never do it; i figure it would only be fair if the year laid before me what it has in store so i could plan along that. but since it doesn't, i dont want to spend it fighting to fit my resolutions into all the unplanned for events. plus, when other people are weeping about the failures in their review reports for the year gone by, i'm comfortable in the jubilation of whatever little i have achieved that i didnt even plan to achieve.

This time round however, there's only one resolution all of you should hold me to;right here, on this blog i shall post a picture of a metal; expensive, shiny, round and all, exactly the size of my left hand middle finger, by the end of 2009. OK, maybe somewhere about mid 2010.

I will need to find that person that can afford it though, and since my choice is only limited to the human male specie, i have a lot of work, and probably fighting, to do; apparently there's more women than men in the world (i see a survival for the fittest situation here; so first step, enrole into a gym).

I'm off looking y'all, greet xmas for me, tell him/her sorry i missed him/her but couldn't wait any longer. i'v a resolution to work towards.
PS: oh by the way girls, i saw him today, he looked hotter than ever, he said hi, lingered about even. i succeeded at not telling him he looked hot and asking him whether he didnt miss me. By a whisker. But I succeeded. THAT COUNTS FOR SOMETHING, RIGHT?


nevender said...

Nyabo....It would be sad if you missed xmas. Have you been hangin' with the Grinch?

Let loose, let love take over.

Solomon King said...

Options are many, you woman.

Come to Chanel's blogger party, you can start the search there lol.

About your blues, hang in there, you'll be aight.

The Emrys said...

you'd better hit that gym asap :D

SilverBow said...

nevender: i'm still trying to make sure i dont man, i think grinch wants to hang with me.i wont let him, i promise.

SKing:many? the ones that can afford an expensive shiny one that fits me?where?

emry's:thanks for passing by, see u on my way from the

Emi's said...

What about gym? Me thinks you should polish up those cooking skills and enroll in some culinary school. Also if trips to the Senga are not possible, a copy of kamasutra from the book street vendors opp UCB should do the trick.

Like S.K said, they'll be over @ Channel's

Ugandan girl said...

nga me am not invited for this party...everyone is talking about?!

so can i book to be a bridesmaid..or atleast be at the cld be something i set out to do in 2010...what do you think

Delete please said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SilverBow said...

so Emi's u coming to Chanel's too? and guy, kamasutra? do u kno how old i am? the culinary school, to give lessons there maybe.;every blogger is invited as long as you have visited chanel's blog recently;there's an open invite.sat.20th, not sure of directions and time myself, u cd be the bride in 2010 if u want.

chanel; i saw the msg miss, and it was already approved.

Emi's said...

lol...Really? The Kamasutra is as old as the hills

No I don't know..So tell me how ijd exactly are you?

Missing lots of action in the pearl this time round. Did not make any travel plans

SilverBow said...

emi's: old enough to have re-mixed kamasutra (wink).

and get off yo butt and do somethg interesting this season; stop wallowing in your 'missing the pearl' misery, ok? i shall want an update soon after festive season.

jny23ug said...

am glad i was for ch.5's pareeeee.

Are yu a kamasutra instructor? I wanna learn.

And oh yeah, i wont call yu shadow again. its silverbow for life.

Have a merry one.

lulu said...

i was feeling like that then i went for cantata and i was in our own church xmas produiction plus the office parties and stuff, so i kindsa think it may crawl onto me...

SilverBow said...

jny Boy; glad i was at the do too.are u free on xmas-we cd start on those kamasutra lessons. give u the remixed, wat do u say?

lulu:if it shd crawl on u gal, pass it on. i guess it doesnt help that there'sn't even a xmas tree in the house. living with adults!

merry xmas all of you my love world ie blogsville.

Emi's said...

So did you meet any single guys @ channel's?

Why not organise a session of that remixed version for all blogger's.

On x-mass, no one would want to take any lessons.

jny23ug said...

That would be the greatest xmas present i have ever received.
C u 2mrw Bow. Guess we dont need any costumes for the lessons.
amn't i so lucky!!!!!!!!!

SilverBow said...

emi's; hiiiii. at the party, i met Jny...but he's never called me back. oh, wait, he didnt even ask for my i guess the encounter didnt really count much.
i will wait for another party.

jny: i'm that gal that will save u from entering you kno where with the French returneee...

jny23ug said...

What did i need a number for after yu gave me directions to your house. Didnt know they were directions to AP's house.
Yu really wanna save me from cruising the "murram road"? Am on ma way to yo house now. Please be there fully dressed for action.