Monday, December 29, 2008

last diary entries for this year

-My 18 year old brother threw out his girl friend.
I instantly knew with my sister that she (the girlfriend) must have done something terrible for him to throw her out bse he is the nicest thing we know in the family and beyond. It got us curious and probing, until we discovered what she had done; she had asked for 'some'.

Note to self;
Something must be seriously wrong with my brother so keep an eye on him the next year to be sure all his faculties, especially the sexual ones, are in proper functioning order.

-I think my 13 year old brother is having sex; he's got a girlfriend and my sister says she discovered a stash of porn. mags under his mattress. I can't quite recouncil the the young boy who cried and cringed to his mommy when we dropped him off to begin his senior one about a year ago with the one that has a girlfriend, porn mags and a much deeper (uneven is more like it) voice...

Next year, work on seeing your youngest brother in a more manly and not boyish light, therefore, act more warmly towards his girlfriends, stop grouping him up with the children when there are visitors and maybe stop sneaking up on him to check the age limit for the television programms he watches.
Gonna be one hell a challenge, but hey, he sneaked porn mags past all of us so...


Chanel said...

Big sis gone nosy. Thats what they will call you when they read this. THOSE BOYS. One is living the other's life. Are you sure you didnt switch their ages?

Be silent said...

The older one does not want some and yet the younger one is already having some?!

jny23ug said...

Yu must be the role model for your 13year old brother.

And yo 18year old brotha,......aswazza. How can he run away from "things"? I assume he even cried and almost reported to mom.
Do yu have the ka-chic's number?

Solomon King said...

Clicking "post a comment" then saying "no comment" kinda defeats the purpose. So...

Your brothers rock on a million different levels.

Bother 1. Have you considered he was worried he may be accused of defilement? He is, I assume, older than her right? Dude got his head screwed on right, pardon the pun.

Brother 2. Porn at 13? WOW. Disturbingly impressed. Then again, this is the internet age.

See you on the flip side!

SilverBow said...

Chanel; would these incidences make for diary entries if their ages were switched?
Be Silent;gal, defeats me too.havent i done my work well as their bigger sister?
Jny;considering i havent done what he's done already, how can i have been the one he's looked up to in those areas? and you opportunistic chap!ka-chic's number, huh? lol
SKing:do u remember giving a hoot about how old she was the first time?

SilverBow said...

oh and chanel, we (the sisters)would not have known a thing if he had not started asking suspicious stuff like 'which is the best way to kiss a gal'. oh, my poor brother. and you know what the sad thing is; he is the hottest of the whole lot, even the visitors say he shd have been a gal!

Robyn said...

your brother is totall okay,,this part in his life is the most let me say Intresting,,with time a man shall blossom out of all that stuff.A good man.Hey that part where you rite notes to yourself reminds me "Notes to my self" by hugh prather.reading it,just bought ot off ebay.I like it.Happy New Year.

Erique said...

Silver, I'm hurt that this is how you choose to lie to us. You've never had some? Really? Reeeaaally?

*Asked with arms akimbo

Princess said...

Your brother (13) is fresh! That really is a trick. As for the 18 year old, is he on those things of spend vac in church? Could explain a lot. :)

antipop said...

when i grow up, i want to be like your 18 year old brother!

Baz said...

but you womenfolk also. Why is it that when a guy turns down sex you immediately assume it is because something is wrong with him?

What if something is wrong with her? Like she has a hairy chest or something?

Either that, or he has another chick somewhere.

me I have the elder bro's back.

Emi's said...

I'd hate a nosy one like you always spying on me.
All my young sis's pals used to bug me a lot and put me under pressure and I used to act all bad to chic's in presence of my sisters and give them cold shoulder's to the extent that they might have put down in their dairy I think my brother is gay.

Little did they know that I was so scared of the girls and all the church I used to do made things even worse hence I safely managed to abstain.

So it's easy to relate to the 13 year old who must be such a curious one & wants to learn stuff chap chap and the 18 year old who has more pressing issues than gals. He too like me must know the Ugandan waters are certainly fertile with fish and a fisherman can certainly never fail to get a catch when he gets hungry.

SilverBow said...

erique;wat are yo interests? of all the words and poitns made, walabye mu eyo?
Robyn: a good man yes. but wat about normalty? experience and all?anyway, maybe good surpasses all, huh.
princess;he's no church goer.
baz;hahahaha.where have u seen women with hary chests? plus, she's hot.ask Jny,i gave him the number
emi's;touff wrld, huh? u guys shd kno the 3 yr old, he was always so sweet, so innocent...well,now all that is probable.

Robyn said...


SilverBow said...

eh, Robyn, patience!