Thursday, December 11, 2008


This Ex is listed under the category 'I want back in' in my archives. This conversation takes place about three days after I meet his current girlfriend and I succeed at not making a fool of myself (from my point of view anyway);

Me: so, does she know about me?
Ex: she does but she only put face to name that day

(After an awkward silence)

Ex: does he know about me?
Me: yes he does. Did she talk about meeting me?
Ex: Yes. She thought you were pretty
Me: Imagine. How did you guys get to discussing my looks?
Ex: she saw you and went 'is that the ‘SilverBow’?', and am like yep. then she said 'I think she is hot'. And am like I know but you are hotter
Me: do you believe that? Or were you just being nice to your girlfriend and mean to your ex?
Ex: You are hot, but man, I don’t want to be caught giving you compliments in her face. I bet you know what I be talking about

what i really bet is that he didn't want to be complimenting her to my face either. or should i be revelling in this compliment? do you figure there is any hope here for me?


Princess said...

You want back in with this guy?

Princess said...

I think you must be hot, regardless of the politics anywho.


Emi's said...


jny23ug said...

Yu met her, right? was she haaaaat?
I could distruct her a bit while yu try and get back to

Knowing yu, i don't think yu want to get back in with this dude.

the antipop said...

run. run as far away from ex as you can. run for dear lif. run and never look back. run dammit, run.

jny23ug said...

hear who is telling the other to run.......Anti wa baana.

Tandra said...

ooo the things ex's do to us!!

im with antipop.. time to make like the wind

SilverBow said...

@princess;have u seen wat he looks like? of course i'm hot, ask my ex's dear.
@emi's: kale, u just laugh
@jyn:sure u're only interested in distructing her for my sake? i doubt.
@tandra n AP: i'm long on my way now. thanks. he's still cute tho, Princess, u shd see him.

jny23ug said...

I may benefit from the kavuyo.
Only problem is am not performing now. Till the 3 years elapse. 5 months to go.
But again bring her on.