Monday, December 8, 2008

can't figure out a title for this one

Right here should be an exciting post
telling of my great weekend; action packed party on Friday,
shopping with one of my favorite people in the world on Saturday
and a cool day in on Sunday

Only if i still had my wallet and all the money I so painstakingly saved
to buy myself 'something' i needed so badly,
converting it to foreign currency so I couldn't spend it

I fail to make up my mind which hurts the most;
-that a person i took pity on and used their service so i could pay them rewarded me by taking off with my wallet
-or that he was actually able to take it from right under my nose without me noticing
-or that i was stupid enough to be walking around with that much money on me; not for a day, or a week, but a long enough time to even ponder what would happen if i lost my wallet.

The only thing that consoles me now is the one thing i had been beating myself about before i lost everything;
that i had actually spent some of that money on completely unnecessary stuff. At least that means the burger is about shs.100,000 less.


the antipop said...

100,000k less, indeed. finding that silver lining a the end of the cloud... sori love

Princess said...

Gosh. I'm sorry! That really sucks.

The 0ne said...

Shit! Sorry!

Emi's said...

Oh No Sorry...hope you somehow get that bastard tif. Call me when you do/